Away from all modifications and the steady change of our daily life one thing is long-lasting:
Every human being is unique with his abilities, his wishes and his yearnings.
Your wishes are the basis of our planning. Personal effort and creativity are the most important abilities of our employees. Our love for detail creates a unique ambience. Your incomparable and individual home.
We forge like the old masters:
Lengthening, jolting, punching, chamfering, riveting, gilding, patinating - for four generations the technique of Berchtesgaden's smithy has been getting its bearings exclusively from these traditional processes.
At the beginning of every work is the professional consultation on the spot. To create an individual work according to the customer's imagination, the wishes of the customer have to harmonize with the surroundings and with the art of forging. The realization of this very sensitive first step is the key to success.

Your company Otto Zern